chess beginners guide

All you should know about chess before you begin – Beginners Guide

If you are a chess beginner this post is for you. If you already have experience with chess continue reading our other articles. Chess is a two-player board game played on a multicoloured board. The board has 64 squares arranged…

tani nigeria chess master

Nigerian refugee Tani, 8, becomes chess master in New York!

Although Tanitoluwa “Tani” Adewumi is only eight years old, he is already a master of chess. All thanks to hard work and skill. Tani fled with his family from Nigeria in the summer of 2017. Tani’s father Kayode says that…

learning the rook

Learning to use the rook

So, we continue our mission to explain all of the individual chess pieces and how you can use them in the best ways possible in your battle against your opponent. Each piece is important in its own way and has…

learning the knight

Learning to use the knight

Every piece in the game of chess has its own strengths and weaknesses. Even the seemingly weakest piece of the game, the pawn, can eventually get promoted to a queen and help you win the game by a landslide. So,…

chess gambling casino bonus

Chess & Gambling Games – What they have in common

Chess is a game played by a lot of people all over the world. Many chess players also like other types of games, gambling being one of them. So, what do they have in common? Chess is not a game…

chess endgame

Learning the chess endgame

It’s only natural for the beginner chess players to put a deep interest in the chess openings. After all, the opening is one of the most important parts of the chess game, and the way you open things up will…

chess pieces

Learning about the individual chess pieces

The game of chess played by two players on a chess board with 32 chess figurines. So, each person has 16 figurines that he or she can use in the battle against the opponent. Novices should learn how these pieces…

children play chess

Inspiring your children to play chess

Much has been said about the potential of chess to increase the power of our minds. After all, it’s a game where we will need to use our brains in order to deal with our opponent and capture their king….

chess sets

Buying the perfect chess set

The game of chess is mean to be played by two people on a board with 64 squares and 32 figurines. So, many people would say that it doesn’t matter what kind of board you will use for playing chess…

opening sequences chess

The importance of opening sequences in chess

Chess is a fluid game where every move is very important, and a story in and of itself. But roughly speaking, every chess game can be divided into three important phases – the opening phase, the middle game phase, and…