Easy Chess Tips

Chess is not an easy game when you start playing initially. One needs proper training and practice to master this game. We have addressed some aspects in our short chess beginners guide and how the rules of the chess are functioning. In this article, we give you some of the tips that every beginner chess player needs to know.

Remember the functions of pieces

Even before you know how to set the chessboard, you need to know how many chess pieces are there and how are they important. Then after, you should learn about their posting on the chessboard. This is the most important thing to learn for a beginner, as the whole game is dependent on the movements of the pieces.

One should always remember that there are:

  • 8 pawns,
  • 2 rooks,
  • 1 knight,
  • 1 bishop,
  • 1 king, and
  • 1 queen
5 easy chess tips

on each side of the board. Along with that, you should remember the way in which they move and the number of movements they are allowed to do. If you remember all this, your game will become a little easy.

Memorize the rules for opening

As a beginner, one should always know that opening moves are very important. If you have started the move in the correct way, then you could turn the game on your side. If the starting moves taken by you are not correct, then it is definite that you will lose the game and that too in a quick manner.

The very first rule of opening the game is that white goes first. The person who has chosen the black side will take alternative chances. Also, when you are opening the game, you need to move your pawn first. Players are not allowed to move any other piece other then prawn for their first move.

Before you start the move, set the board properly. You need to set the pieces in such a way that at the right-hand side of each player, a white square is left. Queen should be placed on the square that matches her color.

Take a break

Only play and train when you are feeling ok and when your mind is rested and alert. Many players are grinding chess hours and hours without benefiting from it. It is much better to train and play with full focus for 2 hours than have a 6-hour session when you are tired. We recommend doing something completely different when you are taking your break, such as watching a movie or playing a game. If you want to combine gaming with a film we recommend this list of movies that also are games, where you can both watch and play.

Play games often

Now that you have learned about the opening rules and about the features of the chess pieces, it is the time to implement them in your game. We all know that practise makes a man perfect and this should be applied to the game of chess too.

Knowing the rules of chess won’t let you win the game, implementing them in a good way will. So, start playing the game and apply the rules in it. You could either choose to play with any of your family members or your friend or you could play it online.

Know expert’s views regarding the game

If you are a beginner, then this is something that will help you a lot. You could watch videos or could read articles related to these topics. This will help you in getting the idea of how chess is played on a standard level.

If you too are a beginner, these points will actually help you in getting the idea of the game. These are the points that every chess player keep an account of.