children play chess

Inspiring your children to play chess

Much has been said about the potential of chess to increase the power of our minds. After all, it’s a game where we will need to use our brains in order to deal with our opponent and capture their king….

chess sets

Buying the perfect chess set

The game of chess is mean to be played by two people on a board with 64 squares and 32 figurines. So, many people would say that it doesn’t matter what kind of board you will use for playing chess…

opening sequences chess

The importance of opening sequences in chess

Chess is a fluid game where every move is very important, and a story in and of itself. But roughly speaking, every chess game can be divided into three important phases – the opening phase, the middle game phase, and…

chess endgame

The importance of chess endgame

A lot of beginners in the game of chess tend to focus on the opening sequences of the game. This is where they can learn a few elaborate traps that they can implement in order to, later on, be able…

practise your chess skills

How to practice your chess skill

While it’s incredibly easy to learn how to play chess, it still remains the case that this is one of the most complicated games in existence. If you wish to get good at it, you will need to dedicate your…

improve at chess

How to improve at chess

While it may seem like a simple game – chess can, in fact, be one of the most complicated, deepest games in existence. The rules of the game are simple – you learn how the chess pieces move and you…

chess and intelligence

Chess and intelligence

One of the biggest factors that invited many people to reach out for the game of chess is the factor of intelligence. Namely, chess is a game that’s associated with brains and smarts, and when we see a person playing…

benefits of playing chess

Benefits of playing chess

The game of chess continues to rise in popularity among people ever since it came to be, 15 centuries ago, up to this very day. The reason for this is simple – there are many benefits that any and every…