How to improve at chess

While it may seem like a simple game – chess can, in fact, be one of the most complicated, deepest games in existence. The rules of the game are simple – you learn how the chess pieces move and you put them in action. But in order to really get good in the game, you will need to do a few things.

improve at chess

One of the most important things that you will need to do in your efforts to improve your game of chess is actually the simplest – play more chess. That’s right when you play chess you put all of your beings into the effort of trying to outsmart your opponent. And after hundreds and hundreds of games of this game, you will build a solid level of skill. Of course, you will improve upon it with every game of chess that you play. The smart thing to do here is to play chess frequently – meaning it’s better to play 5 games a week every week than to play 20 games for one week, and then not play chess for a few months later on. This will keep the game of chess in your mind, and you will find that you’re thinking about it from time to time. It will percolate in your brain while you’re resting and not even be thinking about it – so you will get better at it practically while you’re asleep.

It’s also very important to take chess seriously. This isn’t just some fun game that you can fool around with and get good at it. You will have to be focused on it. When you play games, make sure that you dedicate your entire attention to the game. Don’t think about anything else. See the moves in your head, and try to have a picture in your mind of what your opponent would play at any particular moment. Only in this way will you develop your chess mind muscles, and you will truly get good at the game.

Chances are that no matter how great your chess skills are, there is still someone else in the world that can play better than you. So, you must never stop learning from those that are better than you. And you can even learn from those that are of lower skill than you if you watch their games carefully. So, try to really delve into the theory behind chess. Watch videos of famous games, read books on chess, talk with people that are passionate about chess – find every way in which you can learn more about the game and really try to learn the game through and through. Of course, chess is a game that can never be fully mastered, by anybody, so the right attitude here is to never stop learning.

If you follow at least one of our bits of advice from this article, then you will still see a gradual increase of your skill in chess. If you follow all of our pieces of advice from this article, then you will witness your chess skill shooting through the roof, in a manner of months. There is no time to lose – get right to it!