chess endgame

Learning the chess endgame

It’s only natural for the beginner chess players to put a deep interest in the chess openings. After all, the opening is one of the most important parts of the chess game, and the way you open things up will dictate a big portion of the rest of the game. But the biggest reason why chess beginners want to learn the chess openings is because they can be learned through rote memorization – you don’t actually need to think once you learn things by mind.

Moreover, the biggest allure comes in the fact that you can easily set traps for your opponents. If you make a few well-placed traps in the opening game, then you will be able to win the game in a few moves. One of the shortest games that can be played in chess is the so-called “fool’s mate”, in which you can mate your opponent in a few moves.

But a lot of players tend to get stuck in this phase, and they don’t care a lot about learning the midgame, and especially the endgame in chess. But where the game truly shines is in the endgame phase. All of the rules and wisdom and strategies of chess come to reality in the endgame.

Practice, practice, practise

chess endgameWhat you’ll want to do is to dedicate a big portion of your chess practice time to the endgame. And the way to start off the process is by taking things slowly and making them as simple as possible. Make sure that you practice the endgame with a pawn and two kings. You might be surprised to know just how many chess endgames boil down to one of the players having a pawn and a king, and he or she is facing solely the opponent’s king.

In this way, you will learn how to move your pawn in unison with your king, so as to get to the promotion of the pawn. This will help you get to learn how to promote your pawn to a queen and end the game after that. But if you’re not careful enough, then your opponent may use his king to capture your pawn and end the game in a draw. Moreover, he can block your pawn from getting promoted, and he or she may block his king from moving – ending the game again in a draw.

The strategy is important – Learn from the Latvian top chessplayer

You need to set a strategy for your game. Be prepared to change it along the way, but most players don’t have a strategy at all. Mihail Tal, a Latvian player is an expert in thinking ahead. This is something that always is much needed, in many games. Gambling, for instance. The top poker players in casinos are very strategic, whether they play on landbased casinos or in online casinos. The Latvian online casino site has written articles about all this. Something that you maybe could implement on your chess game.

Endgame works with a pawn and a king

You’ll be surprised at just how many intricacies there are when it comes to this part of the game. It may take you a lot of time to learn all there is to of the endgame when you have a pawn and a king. Of course, you need to bear in mind that the opposite case may be true – you may have a king, while your opponent has a king and a pawn. In this case, you will want to capture his pawn or come to a draw in any other way.

This will improve your overall chess skills immensely. We suggest that you start learning this phase as soon as possible in order to get good at it promptly.