Buying the perfect chess set

The game of chess is mean to be played by two people on a board with 64 squares and 32 figurines. So, many people would say that it doesn’t matter what kind of board you will use for playing chess and that the quality of the pieces does not matter at all if your goal is to just play some chess. But there are some people that value deeply the aesthetics of it all – they would want to get a high-quality board and pieces so that the game looks good as well. Both of these views have their merits, and if your fond of the latter type of thinking, then you will want to get high-quality chess equipment.

Classical Choices

So, the most classical of choices in the field of chess is the good old Staunton chess set, made of wood. This design has become the staple in the creation of chess sets and figurines, and it’s objectively a thing of beauty. If you wish to enrich the atmosphere in your home with a chessboard of high-quality, then we suggest that you take the Staunton chess set.

But you can go and buy other models of chess sets, made with some twists to the well-known chess-design formula. There are Persian chess sets, Chinese chess sets, Medieval European chess sets – and a lot of other designs that may not only look good in your eyes – but help enrich the overall atmosphere inside your home.

chess sets

Material of the board and chess pieces

You will also have to pay some attention to the material that the board and pieces are carved out of. For one, as we’ve mentioned, the most classical model of chess sets is made out of wood. But there are also chess sets made of metal, and even of stone. It’s important to make the distinctions between each because this will enable you to incorporate the right type of chess boards in the atmosphere of your home.

The size of the game

Next off is the size of the board and pieces. If you wish to play on a big table back home – then a larger chess set will do the trick as it will be practical for use and it will also look good. If you wish to play a quick game outside, then you can buy smaller chess sets – these too are available for purchase and are highly practical for your use.

A note related to this is the fact that you may want to play chess while you’re traveling. So, if you wish to play chess with a friend of yours while you’re driving on a bus it would make little sense for you to use a classical board, as the pieces will end up falling off the table at the slightest hint of inertia. So, in such a case you will want to purchase a special chess table with magnetic pieces. These pieces will stick to the table and they won’t move as much, so this makes this type of chess sets a perfect companion for you while you’re traveling.

Final words about buying a chess board game set

And in the end – make sure that you appreciate the game for what it is, a battle of the minds of two people. If you see the game in this way, you will realize that it is of little importance what the pieces and the table look like. Always make sure to have fun while playing chess, no matter the board and pieces that you’re using.